A complete guide to preventative maintenance for the Field Service Industry

Preventative maintenance is crucial to prevent downtime and avoid unnecessary breakdowns. To learn more about preventative maintenance and how to implement an effective maintenance strategy, keep reading to discover our helpful guide.

According to maintenance professionals,A complete guide to preventative maintenance for the Field Service Industry Articles two of the top causes of unscheduled equipment downtime are ageing equipment and mechanical failure. Both causes can easily be managed with an effective preventative maintenance plan. Unfortunately, this type of maintenance is not always prioritised, despite its benefits.

To understand what preventative maintenance is and why it’s essential for companies that use assets, including those in the Field Service Industry, take a look at our complete guide to preventative maintenance.

What is preventative maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is a company’s efforts to repair, service, and maintain its assets regularly to prevent downtime and breakdowns. It’s a proactive approach to maintenance, as assets are routinely inspected and repaired before it’s too late to recover a machine or piece of equipment.

Advantages of preventative maintenance

When a preventative maintenance plan is adopted, you can reduce the possibility of downtime and avoid low productivity. Preventative maintenance can decrease downtime as it increases the life expectancy of your assets. You can identify problems and find solutions before it’s too late. A higher life expectancy also reduces the need to replace assets sooner rather than later. Less downtime increases asset availability, keeping your business operational and ensuring your mobile workers have all the tools they need to complete their tasks.

Preventative maintenance also creates a safer work environment for your technicians, as regular maintenance and repairs keep your machines and equipment in working order. With regular maintenance, you can determine if machines have become unsafe to use to avoid injuries. If your workers feel safe at work, they’ll be motivated to work hard and increase their productivity in the field.

You can cut expenses with an effective preventative maintenance plan, as your assets won’t need to be replaced as often and expensive emergency repairs won’t need to be done frequently. Downtime can also be costly for a company, as your employees can’t work when assets are out of action. In the long run, preventative maintenance is an economical solution.

Creating a preventative maintenance plan

To create an effective preventative maintenance strategy, make a list of all your assets, and then identify the ones that need to be included in your plan. When selecting the equipment and machines to be included, consider the following: the cost to replace the asset if it fails, the importance of the asset for the success of your business, and how often maintenance is required for the asset.

Once you’ve created the list, identify the maintenance tasks that need to be completed and how often maintenance needs to be done for every asset. The intervals for maintenance will help you create a preventative maintenance schedule and confirm the cost of maintenance. After you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be able to develop a practical preventative maintenance plan. This strategy will help you plan your other jobs, as you will know when assets aren’t available for tasks.

The final step is to monitor your preventative maintenance plan. Assess the results of the programme and make changes to optimise maintenance. To measure the success of the plan, confirm the number of breakdowns you’ve had, if maintenance jobs were completed on time, whether extra maintenance jobs needed to be done or not and if you’ve had to replace any assets. Compare this information with your statistics for the time before you implemented preventative maintenance to see how successful the plan has been.

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Ensure Effective Construction Via Using Construction Management ERP Software

Construction is the process of constructing building or infrastructure which requires intensive and rigorous work for carrying out the project and accomplish the task excellently. Construction starts with planning,Ensure Effective Construction Via Using Construction Management ERP Software Articles designing, financing and it continues until the project is built or get ready for use. Construction can be categorized further into construction of buildings, infrastructure and industries.

Building construction means constructing residential or non-residential (commercial or institutional) where as infrastructure construction is done for heavy engineering including construction of large public infrastructure such as dams, bridges, railways& others. On the other hand, industrial construction includes refineries, power plants, manufacturing units. Construction requires collaboration across multiple disciplines so to carry out construction you will require construction manager, design engineer, construction engineer or project manager.

Nowadays the construction process is getting smart and advanced as they apply various machines and technical equipments with software support system. As the process of construction changes day by day, ther comes a great need for the construction management ERP software. It is the amazing software system which handles and manages several other different aspects of the construction such Planning, Designing, Financing, Inventory management and others.

There are various ERP construction companies that offer remarkable and appropriate software system for developing and assisting the construction process.The ERP Software keep all the records related to different construction projects.

Construction involves various methodologies, including cost estimating, hard bid, negotiated price, traditional, management contracting, construction management at risk, design & build and other technologies that uses resources in completing the projects.With growing technologies and their effective use in construction now utilising 3D printing technology. Building printing is making it possible to flexibly construct the buildings and managing the entire construction.

Construction ERP Software is the one-step and easy process which results in maintaining information regarding costs of projects, productivity and revenue generation.Benefits of the construction ERP

Efficient Contract Management

Managing the contracts of different system and saving all its relevant informations so that it gets easy and smooth for the managing all the contract information saved at one place.

User can change orders as per changing needs

Orders of differnt materials and their respective information can be modified and changed if need changes.Consequently, that material is processed which is required immediately.

Project costing and estimation

Proper estimations of costing and expenses should be made while assesing and planning to obtain project and complete it within time. All the necessary informations are kept and stored under one software system for future reference.

Manage documentation required to control overall processes

It assists in managing and obtaining all the documents required to control and manage different processes while carrying out any project.

Equipment & facility management

Exact reports of all the information regarding the equipments and various facilities offered by the company to the employees and people involved in completing the projects. All the informations are saved with proper care and sincerity.

Monitor procurement activities

It accounts & monitors the different methods involved with procuring the materials and other necessary items and carry out the projects within the estimated time and dead line.

Project Scheduling

It serve a great means to decide and schedule which project is processes and completed at first and which project is carried out in next time.

Generate effective and accurate RA bill

It provide exact information in generating bills and other accounting matters.

Perfect Contract Administration

It assists in managing and maintaining the perfect contract administration while serving the best platform to manage the construction related tasks.

Preparation of regular reports

Regular reports of various projects and their current status can be maintained through this software support system.

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